Welcome to the Music Production Headquarters where we make music production easy. If that is what you are looking for you are in the right place. We cover everything from studio monitors to microphones to audio interfaces and show you how they all work together. The less you have to think about the technical side the more you can focus on being creative and making the best possible music for the world to hear.

Before we begin please keep in mind that all things audio related are very subjective to the person listening. Kind of like snowflakes no set of ears that are the same. What may work and sound good to one person may not to another.

What Do We Recommend and Why do We Recommend It?

We only recommend things that we have personally used and like. If we have not personally used something I a lot of time researching and talking to other audio engineers to see what others are doing and using to give you the best possible advice.

With that being said this site will be a general guide to help you understand the fundamentals and give you a good starting point, but it will be up to you to listen experiment and demo things out before you go any further. Get what works best for you and what sounds great and forget the rest. At the end of the day all the matters is what it sounds like when you push play.

On the sidebar to your right you can see recent and popular articles. I will be writing a lot more as time goes along. Feel free to check out what my current gear is and a little more about me

So What is Music / Audio Production?Control Surface

First there is a difference between “music producer” and “music production” . A music producer is responsible for the product aka the final recording. They are typically on bigger productions but at the same time you could be the songwriter producer and engineer for your own production or a small production you are helping with.

Music production is making/creating and contributing to a musical piece. Typically hundreds of not thousands of little choices will affect the final production.

Do You Need A lot of Experience and Money to Produce Music?

Yes and no! In fact, I would recommend not spending a lot of money starting out and spend time learning before you spend any serious money. Get your hands on as many audio engineering books as you can such as the ones we recommend here .

Once you are ready this blog contains a lot of  the basic information about music production equipment for music production in home studios. You can also use the search bar if you are looking for something specific as well.

Hardware / Music Gear

A few things to consider before you buy any music studio equipment.

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Reviews and Recommendations

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Mixing Basics

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How Do You Make / Start a Career in Music Production?

I will say like anything it takes a lot of time learning to perfect your craft. Be ready to spend at least 5 years before you are doing it professionally and that is only if you are really really hustling. It could take longer many people try very but very few make it.

There are a few routes you can take if you want to pursue music/ audio production as a career

Go To An Audio Production / Engineering School Audio Production School

Music like anything else you can go to school and get a degree in various music production disciplines such as post production music production or live sound. Normally after this you will intern at a studio and with time and a lot of luck move on to becoming an assistant engineer and eventually a recording engineer.


Horrible photo of me tracking vocals for an upcoming album.

Horrible photo of me tracking vocals for an upcoming album.

Start off by getting basic gear and start recording your friends and bands you know as you work on improving your craft and setup. Normally starting out you are not expecting to make much of any money, you are getting paid in experience learning how making the best possible music.

Once you have the experience and have built a name for yourself you will start to charge for your work and with time you will be able to transition from a part-time gig to a full-time gig.

Some Combo of The Previous Two

For example, I got my associates in audio production and while still in school interned at Winterland Studios. I then made a trip down to Nashville and landed an internship at Blackbird Studios. After putting over 1000 hours in at both studios and 2 years of schooling I am now to the point where I feel I can charge people to record and mix their music. I may try to land an assistant engineer’s role in the future but for now my main focus is this blog and freelancing.

We are here to make music production as easy and simple to understand as possible. There will be a lot more to come in the near future like.